Wood Chipping

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Wood Chipping

When a tree needs to be cut down, there is no need for all of that wood to go to waste. Quincy Tree Services makes it easy to reuse and recycle your fallen tree with our on-site wood chipping service. Wood chips are useful for a variety of purposes around your home. Here are a few ideas for how to use fresh wood chips. 



Fresh wood chips can be used in your garden as a nutrient-rich source of mulch. Using wood chips from local trees, and especially trees located on the same plot of land, is the best way to avoid cross-contaminating plants with foreign invaders like pests, fungi and bacteria. Spread them on top of your garden to help retain moisture in the soil, but don’t dig or till them into the soil to avoid nitrogen deficiency. Use them to mulch your other trees and planters too! Just be sure to leave 1-2 feet around the truck of a living tree for optimal root health and nutrient uptake. 



Fresh wood chips can be added to your compost pile in moderation, to increase heat and aid in the composting process. For best results, spread the wood chips a layer at a time, soak with water if they’re very dry, and alternate layers of wood chips with other plant or vegetable matter. Once your compost pile has had time to break down, you’ll have an excellent, nutrient-rich source of fertilizer for your garden! 


Landscape Design

Fresh wood chips add beauty and flare to your landscaping. Use them to fill empty space in a stepping stone path. Use them as a base to create walking paths into the woods around your property. For a super special treat, make a floor of wood chips around your children’s tree house or playground. The whole family can get involved and make something great together! 


Recycling your tree and reusing the wood chips on your own property is a great way to get the most out of your tree that is no longer growing. Call Quincy Tree Services today to get a free quote, and to talk more about the benefits of upgrading your tree removal service.