Tree Trimming

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Tree Trimming

One of the best ways to give your trees a long, healthy life, and to prevent emergency situations from developing, is to practice good tree maintenance and regular care. Quincy Tree Services offers premium ongoing care for your trees. Our licensed arborists are highly skilled and adept at trimming trees properly, for health, safety and aesthetics. We tame your unruly trees, shape your ornamentals for residential or commercial landscapes, and keep your family’s favorite trees growing in perfect symmetrical balance. Just like our Tree Pruning Service (link), trimming trees correctly is technical and delicate work. It requires proper knowledge, tools, and safety gear to prevent damage to the tree, surrounding property, and injury. Give us a call today, and one of our licensed arborists will be delighted to talk to you about the right tree trimming schedule for your landscape. 


Trimming For Health

How does regular professional tree trimming keep your trees healthier? A well-trained arborist, like ours at Quincy Tree Services, will be able to spot branches that are dead or decaying, and pruning these branches will help prevent further decay. Some trees may benefit from a slightly more extensive trim, if it has branches with weak unions, or too many branches growing into each other and competing for room in the crown. A type of trimming called crown reduction can help to open up more space, inviting more sunlight through the crown and into the surrounding area. This also improves air circulation, and generally improves the structure of the tree. When trimming a tree’s crown, it’s vital that the trimming is done properly, and just the right amount. Otherwise, the tree could suffer and sustain further damage. 


Trimming For Safety

A licensed arborist is adept at identifying diseases, structural weakness, and dead branches that could become a safety concern if left untreated. To the untrained eye, a tree may appear totally healthy and strong, but there could be subtle signs of issues that are easily overlooked. Just as it is with our own bodies, the earlier you catch a health problem, the better chance you have of treating it and preventing more serious problems from developing. 


Trimming For Aesthetics 

Ideal growth for a tree is symmetrical, which also happens to make them even more beautiful to the eye! Specialized trimming techniques include crown thinning, which can help to clear out branches that are cluttering the space in the crown. It also improves air circulation and light filtration, which improves the overall health of the tree, roots, and other plants growing in the area around the tree. A note to the wise: crown thinning and crown topping are NOT the same technique! Topping is a careless method of trimming a tree, in which the crown is simply chopped flat to a certain height. A licensed and conscientious arborists, like ours at Quincy Tree Services, would never recommend topping a tree. We will employ the safest and most beneficial tree trimming methods, only as much as your tree requires for great health and beauty.