Tree Removal

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Tree Removal

Getting rid of a fallen tree is a pain in the neck, and the back, and...well, you get it! Let our tree care pros do the heavy lifting for you. We have the right tools, years of experience, and the ability to get the job done quick for a great price. 


Safety First 

Proper removal of a mature tree requires heavy duty equipment and a well trained crew. If a tree has already fallen, our tree removal crew will bring the right kinds of chainsaws and excavators to make easy work of the trunk and branches. If your tree is broken or leaning, or if large branches are dangling near property or utility lines, calling in the professionals is even more important. Our highly skilled tree pros will assess the tree and create a plan for felling it properly, with consideration for your property and the safety of everyone involved. Do not attempt to remove a damaged tree on your own! Falling trees are unpredictable and dangerous without prior knowledge, skill and experience. With our excellent customer service and rates that fit into any budget, why take the risk? Call us instead! 


How To Know When a Tree Needs To Go

When a tree has fallen, or is clearly damaged, it’s easy to determine that it needs to be removed. However, not every tree removal situation is quite that easy to tell. Knowing how to spot signs of disease, infection, structural damage and other warning signs of future damage is crucial to preventing serious damage caused by falling trees. Signs of tree disease include spotted leaves, oozing sap, dark spots on bark, bumps or bites on leaves, and discoloration. A trained arborist is familiar with the kinds of diseases, fungi, bacteria, and insects that your tree may be vulnerable to. They can also spot problems with the structure of your tree, weak branch unions, root circling, and other types of growth problems that undermine the strength and health of the tree. Sometimes these problems can be corrected if they’re caught early. If not, the tree may need to be removed.