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Tree Planting

Planting a new tree is a gratifying experience. It’s exciting to get your new tree into the ground and watch as it grows along with you and your family. The many benefits of trees are well known, and include bettering the environment, providing essential habitats for wildlife, improving personal and mental health, and adding undeniable beauty to our surroundings. At Quincy Tree Services, we encourage everyone to plant more trees! There are just a few considerations to keep in mind. 


Choose the right kind of tree

Planting trees that are well adapted to your local environment is the best way to ensure healthy growth, and to keep the cost of maintenance down. Trees that are well adapted to their environments require less watering, less specialized attention, and less ongoing treatment, as they are generally healthier. Our certified arborists can recommend the perfect native tree for your landscape. Some of our native trees include northern hardwoods, red and white oak, pine, elm, ash and maple. Each tree comes with its unique aesthetic qualities and growing requirements. Trees are kind of our we’re happy to help! 


Know before they grow

When you purchase a baby tree from a nursery, they will give you some important information about the growth of your tree, including how large it is expected to become when it’s fully grown. Keep in mind that municipalities have public utility easements, which typically extend out to ten feet away from sidewalks, roadways and utility lines. It’s also recommended to keep trees that grow over 30 feet tall at least 25 feet away from any power lines. We can help you choose the perfect place for your tree, so you never have to worry about transplanting or losing it in the future. 


Baby trees are delicate! 

A new tree is a complex living organism. Always take the proper precautions to protect the trunk when transporting your tree, and be sure you follow the proper steps when removing root packaging, digging a hole, placing your tree and getting it in the ground. Planting a tree is a little more complicated than planting vegetable gardens or flowers. If you’re a first time tree planter, one of our professional arborists would love to walk you through the process! Give us a call to schedule a consultation. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that the city of Quincy, Mass. has an official Tree Protection Ordinance? Check it out here! (link: