Tree Cutting

Tree Services West Chester - Chain Saw cutting tree in half

Tree Cutting

Cutting down a tree is a highly technical job that can quickly become dangerous. We always recommend calling in a pro, like our experienced crews at Quincy Tree Services, no matter how big or small the tree is. We understand that it might be tempting to cut down a tree by yourself, and sometimes you might get lucky! However, your safety is our number one priority, and we strive to make our services easily accessible for anyone with any budget, so you never have to worry or risk hurting yourself by taking your tree cutting matters into your own hands. 


While we encourage you to always call us first for a free quote to assess your tree cutting job, here are a few ways to know when calling the pros is absolutely necessary. 


Large trees with trunks over 18 inches in diameter.

Cutting a tree with a thick trunk requires special chainsaws, axes, and a technique called notching. For this process, a professional arborist will use strategically placed wedges to assist in making the cut, and to guide the tree as the trunk is cut. This kind of cut cannot simply be made by whacking and sawing straight through the trunk. That’s a surefire way to get a giant tree falling in the wrong direction! 


Trees with weak and damaged branches, or some branches that have already fallen. 

Any weakened or already broken limbs high up in the tree become a falling hazard. While you should be wearing a hardhat - we hope that’s a no-brainer! - having a large tree limb falling down on you is an extremely hazardous situation that is virtually guaranteed to cause injury. Professional arborists are trained to spot hazardous branches and mitigate the risk of falling limbs before cutting the tree. 


Trees that are leaning precariously. 

No amount of planning and notching will make a leaning tree fall in any other direction than the one it’s already headed in. This constitutes an emergency tree care event, and it is essential that you leave this one to the pros. Your tree care crew may need to clear brush and land around the tree, as well as any other property that lies in its path. Especially when you have other valuable property surrounding the affected tree, the best possible chance of preventing further damage is for a highly trained and experienced tree removal crew to use their knowledge and skills to get the tree to fall in the best possible direction. 


Why choose Quincy Tree Services? 

We have been cutting trees for decades, so we’ve seen it all! It is our top priority to provide excellent service to every one of our clients. We have a perfect record for safely cutting down trees with no busted roofs, broken windshields or flattened sheds. You can count on us to get the job done right! And for your added peace of mind and even more protection, know that we are licensed and fully insured. Our community knows our name is synonymous with great customer service and reliability, and we think our five star rating speaks for itself. With such a great local tree care choice in your own backyard, why risk it? Let us do the dirty work and we’ll get your tree cut and cleared in no time. Call today for a free quote. 


What to do with all that wood? 

After your tree is cut down, it’s time to talk about options for what to do with it. Wood is a valuable natural resource, and we do everything in our power to make sure it doesn’t go to waste. Our company offers full-service tree care from start to finish, and we have solutions for all of your needs. Check out our Tree Removal service (link) for full tree removal. With our heavy duty chainsaws, we can easily cut your fallen tree into firewood for your home, or to share with neighbors. We also offer wood chipping services (link) on-site! Click to learn more.