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Stump Grinding

When a leftover tree stump cannot be entirely removed, our stump grinding service by Quincy Tree Services can help! Sometimes a stump cannot be entirely removed, due to location near a structure, public easement or utility. That’s when stump grinding comes in handy! It’s also a good option for taking care of a hazardous and unsightly tree stump when you’re on a tight budget. Read on to find out why our stump grinding service might be right for you. 


What happens to a decaying tree stump? 

When a tree is cut down and the stump is left alone, it begins to decompose. First, the fungi move in. Some species of fungi are harmless, but many are toxic to humans and animals. The fungi breaks down the wood and makes it softer and more habitable for other creatures. Decaying wood is the perfect breeding ground for invasive pests and unwanted insects. Everyone from ants to beetles, millipedes and centipedes will take up residence in a rotting stump. After the wood has softened and decayed to a further state, it becomes a cozy habitat for small hibernating animals in the winter, such as lizards, and animals that don’t technically hibernate but just get really sleepy, like snakes. If you would rather not invite creepy crawlies to spend their winter vacation in your front lawn, then a treatment option like our Stump Grinding Service is right for you! 


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