Land and Brush Clearing

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Land and Brush Clearing

Quincy Tree Services is a fully equipped tree removal service, which means we’re also perfectly equipped to handle land and brush clearing jobs at any scale. Other brush clearing companies may not have the tools and the know-how to remove trees from the land, in addition to any brush, bramble, weeds or debris. Consider us your all-in-one land clearing crew! 


We offer excellent service, competitive rates, expert crews, and a fast turn around. Our professional, heavy duty tree removal equipment allows us to chop through brush and expertly remove trees of any size that are obstructing your ability to use the land for its desired purpose. 


Call us for land and brush clearing services when:

  • You purchased a tract of land and want to build your home in the perfect spot.
  • Your commercial or large-scale residential development plans require removal or relocation of mature trees.
  • A section of your lot is overgrown with prickly or poisonous weeds, stubborn shrubs or trees that may be diseased or damaged.
  • The family is expanding and you want to remodel, build a new addition, or install a new deck, but the area you want to build in has mature trees and shrubs currently growing on it.
  • The kids need a safe, open play area for a swingset and a sandbox, so you need to make sure the ground is free from hazardous weeds, thorny shrubs and bumpy tree roots. Added bonus: while we’re working on clearing your land, you’re welcome to ask one of our expert arborists for tips on building the coolest tree house! 


Where does it all go? 

If your land clearing job involves tree removal, you may be interested in our Wood Chipping Services (link). We offer on-site wood splitting and chipping, so you can put your valuable resources to good use. Click here (link) to learn more about the benefits of wood chipping. 


Give us a call today to talk about your land and brush clearing needs, and to get a free quote.