Emergency Tree Service

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Emergency Tree Service

In our town of Quincy, Mass. and the surrounding areas, we’re lucky to enjoy old growth trees, and forested areas are common. In fact, Massachusetts is one of the most heavily forested states in America! However, when the weather gets extreme, our beloved trees are prone to breaking and causing severe damage. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep our Emergency Tree Service Hotline (link to phone number?) number handy.


Out of all tree care needs, emergency tree care is the number one task that you should always leave to the professionals. At Quincy Tree Services, we will put our professional crews, top of the line equipment, and years of experience to work for you and your family right away. Our promise to you is to respond quickly, and safely remove any damaged trees or limbs while preserving your property. Handling damaged trees is a highly skilled task which can easily become dangerous when not performed correctly. You can count on us to keep you and your property safe! 


Operators are on call to dispatch a highly skilled team to your location right away, so we can safely remove any broken trees and limbs that are threatening you and your family, home, car or other property. Many of our neighbors have counted on us to manage emergency tree situations quickly and professionally, and we’re proud of our 100% emergency response rating. We’re here when you need us, so don’t hesitate to call! 


How To Spot A Tree Emergency

While it’s certainly true that some emergency tree situations can arise from one extreme weather event, there are often signs and symptoms that a tree could be dangerous before it becomes catastrophic. It’s a good idea to inspect your trees periodically, and especially after a bad storm, to look for early warning signs that your tree may be compromised. Here are a few things to look for. 


Leaning tree or exposed roots

If you notice your tree isn’t standing upright as it normally does, seek advice from a tree care expert right away. Leaning indicates that the roots have been damaged, and the tree may topple over unpredictably. Whenever the symmetrical growth of a tree is thrown out of balance, your tree requires proper attention to continue growing. To read more about tree maintenance, see our Tree Pruning (link), Tree Trimming (link), and Tree Cabling and Bracing (link) services. 


Missing bark 

A tree’s bark is like its skin, and beneath the layer of bark is the arterial system that the tree uses to transport nutrients and water throughout its system. If severe wind or flying projectiles carried by a storm have stripped large sections of bark away, your tree is in serious trouble. Contact an arborist (link to contact form) right away to assess the damage and prescribe the appropriate treatment. 


Broken and hanging branches

Depending on the size and location of a broken branch, you may not consider it a tree emergency at first. However, broken branches can often be an early sign of a deeper problem with the health of your tree. If it’s dehydrated or malnourished, branches can become brittle and prone to breaking. Infections and disease can also weaken branches, and eventually cause large sections of the tree to break and fall. One of our skilled arborists at Quincy Tree Services will be able to diagnose the health of your tree and offer the best course of action. 

We offer free consultations, so call today to talk to a professional arborist about your trees!